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Vanessa Genger

My fascination with travel began while growing up in Venezuela and Thailand. As a member of the Bangkok Aquatic swim team, I traveled throughout Europe and the Far East with my family, falling in love with cities such as Athens, Rome, and Vienna. After a career in customer relations and logistics, I launched my career as a travel advisor, and have found true passion in helping my clients immerse themselves in local culture. My goal is to make sure my clients’ trips are the right fit for them. I enjoy booking travel to New Zealand and Spain, and travel often to Prague, where my daughter is a teacher. I’ve cruised Sydney Harbour in Australia, explored both islands of New Zealand, toured Italy with my three daughters during the Xmas holidays, attended Easter Mass in the Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral in Spain, and driven the northern coast of Ireland from Galway to Dublin. I’ve been lucky to experience several trips of a lifetime, and my goal is to create similar experiences for my clients!

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